Third dimension mockups

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Two in one day! Lots happening at the moment and now that the zombie base is modelled up I thought it’d be good to show it off and see what people thought of the design.

The game will be 2d, right now I’m thinking isometric, as GameMaker isn’t great on the 3d front as of yet and I’m not the worlds best modeller in any way so the plan is to animate in 3d, render out and work the frames up in photoshop or flash, see what looks better… This way I can get the anims look right as¬†isometric 2D animation is (what I call) a beatch to get right!

Lemme know what you think!

A little bit sketchy

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A sketch heavy post today, with me taking instagram (I know, I know) shots of my sketchpad to get some of the ideas we’ve been having up on the site. Most of these are from the idea that we would be going medieval with the theme, all very torch and pitchforks and mobs vs. zombies.¬†

As you can see from the bubbling intro, we’ve moved to more of a modern day theme for this release but the ideas are all there and may well make it into the game somehow later on..

Or we might do a massive u-turn and head back in time, you never really know…

How it all begins…

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The new game is moving at a fair pace but before we start showing off any concept art or the likes (as right now its pretty ‘sketchy’ ;) ) thought I’d flaunt the game intro.

Before the first levels character intro this will lead up to the menu itself. Trust me that it has a suitably spooky soundtrack to go along with it… enjoy!

Logo Designed!

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The logo needs to say it all about the game, it needs to set the tone - people see this appear on their screen, on the Steam carousel (hopefully), they need to know this is a zombie game, its a little b-move, a little fun and they need to be able to read it!

Testing out on the most basic formats in colour and in negative, think this says it all!


A taste of things to come

A taste of things to come

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Having spent a lot of time number crunching and generally being a code monkey this week I thought it was time to have some fun and get to designing a brain muncher – hence our Johnny Zombie here picking something stubborn out of his teeth…

Inspired by the great Johnny Chimpo – Cool Beans!


What, no Unity?!

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But… this is an Indie game – surely you have to use Unity?

Crikey – hope not? As I’m (pretty much) going it alone at this point – as far as dev and design go – I’ve been looking for a powerful visual editor type of game engine which has taken me to GameMaker.



Where it all began

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Once upon a time… a long time ago… I worked for Jagex Ltd in Cambridge, UK and one of the titles I was lucky enough to work on was Zombie Dawn.

This is the inspiration for the many versions of Aaargh that I’ve worked on since, with a number of people on a number of storylines and ideas and I’ve now come full circle to the original and what I think may well be the best.



Raising the dead

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Hey All,

Well, here we go again – much like the game this is an idea that just keeps coming back from the dead…

We’re trying a different angle and direction – all very B-Movie playing on medieval mobs, pitchforks, torches and undead sheep…

Its early days so far but we’ll be updating soon!

Till then, Merry Christmas!